Why we wish Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor would get back together again

It’s been quite sometime that Ranbir and Katrina had a breakup. Even though there are no signs that they are getting back together, nevertheless we wish that they get back together again.
Here are five reasons why we wish that Ranbir and Katrina should patch up again. Like now! 


They looked stylish together : Ranbir and Katrina were one of the most stylish Bollywood couples that we have ever seen. They were the best dressed too.


They were a Bollywood power couple : Both of them were doing very well when they were together. Post their breakup their careers have gone downhill too. Who knows if they get back together, they can again rule the silver screen?


They kept the gossip mills churning : The tabloids had a field day when they were together. Everyday they were in the news and people loved reading about them. However post the breakup, the news about them has also dried up and we are sure that nobody is liking it. 


They have a film together : The two of them signed a film when they were dating. The film is still on the floors and getting ready for release. Now that both of them are not doing so well and a film starring both of them is on the anvil, isn’t it a good time to patch up? 


They could have killed it as joint brand ambassadors : Both Ranbir and Katrina could have made a lot of money if they decided to endorse brands jointly. As they say money can buy everything, only this time we hope that money can also buy love.

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