Five heroines who became mothers at the height of their careers

Motherhood is a blessing but there are many actresses who think motherhood will kill their careers in Bollywood. But these heroines have proved that performances and a belief in you matters, not whether or not you are a mother. Here are five heroines who decided to opt for motherhood at the height of their careers.


Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan : It so happened that Aishwarya pulled out of an ongoing film citing motherhood and it actually created a controversy in Bollywood at that time. But Aishwarya being the strong woman she is, she came back in Bollywood with a bang when she thought the time is right. Motherhood hasn’t made a difference to her career at all. She is a tall example about how motherhood actually doesn’t make a difference to an actress’ career.


Rani Mukherji : Rani Mukerji was on a high in her career when she decided to opt for motherhood instead. She and Aditya Chopra are blessed with a little girl who they have named Adira. Alas! we haven’t seen Adira’s pictures yet.


Kajol : Kajol never actually let motherhood affect her anyway. She flitted in and out of Bollywood with ease. Kajol has two children, her son Yug and her elder daughter Nysa who is already a teenager.


Kareena Kapoor : She is the latest entrant in the list. After the release of her film, Udta Punjab, she announced that she is pregnant. She and Saif are expecting their baby in December and we wish the couple all the very best.


Madhuri Dixit : Madhuri Dixit left Bollywood when she was at the peak of her career. She went to USA and had two lovely boys in her family. But however, her career never was over. She came back to Mumbai again and started a very successful TV career. Madhuri is one of the most successful reality TV stars today.   

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