Five reasons why Salman Khan may be regarded as a living legend in Bollywood

Whether you like it or not, Salman Khan has achieved feats that no other Bollywood star has ever achieved. There are now valid reasons on why we may regard Salman Khan as a legend in Bollywood.
Here are some of them.

Salman has emerged as the most bankable star in Bollywood : With ten back-to-back 100 crore hits at the office, Salman Khan has shown to the world that he is the most popular star in Bollywood. Nobody ever has given so many back-to-back super duper hits ever in Bollywood.

Nothing affects his popularity : Whether it is a court case, a controversy or a series of scathing reviews, Salman Khan has proved that nothing affects his popularity. Despite several things going wrong for him, his movies continue to strike gold at the box office. This is another hallmark of a superstar. 

He has blind followers : The first hallmark of any superstar across the world is that you have supporters who support you blindly and are obsessed with you. Salman Khan has an army of such obsessed followers. 

A star with a heart : Another hallmark of a legend is a life outside the celluloid that is an encouragement among his fans. Salman’s fitness is a rage among his followers and he is endorsing several products and services for this. Also, Salman is doing his bit for the country as well as he is the ambassador for the Olympics game in India.


His social service arm is one of the leading brands in the country : The true hallmark of a legend is whatever you touch turns into gold. Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation is one of the leading brands in the country despite the fact that the primary motto of the company is to serve humanity and people in distress. This is what true star power is.


Do you have any doubts that he is a living f legend in Bollywood?

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