Five times Priyanka Chopra shut down controversies like a pro

There is no other actress in Bollywood who is so adept at shutting down her haters. She is adept in ensuring that unnecessary controversies don’t carry forward. Here are five instances.

The underarm controversy : A section of the media alleged that Priyanka Chopra’s underarms were made to look lighter in a magazine cover. Priyanka Chopra tweeted an unfiltered image of her underarms again. The controversy died down.

The Salman Khan controversy : The media kept on pestering Priyanka during a press conference to react on Salman Khan’s recent controversial remark. Priyanka reacted and shut down everybody by saying, “Why talk about callous remarks?”

The biopic controversy : There was an announcement made that a producer was trying to make a film on Priyanka Chopra’s life and how it was before she made it big in Bollywood. Priyanka and her fans ensured that the news died a natural death. 

The Oscar controversy : Priyanka Chopra found herself in the middle of a controversy when she was asked about how white actors get a preference when it comes to giving away Oscars. Everybody expected that she will get into trouble. But Pee Cee surprised all with her smart remark saying that art should not judged on the basis of colour. 

Quantico controversy : When her first Hollywood TV series Quantico released, everybody made fun of her accent. But Priyanka being Priyanka, she silenced everybody by maintaining the same accent all through the series proving that it was deliberate. Her critics were finally silent when she was flooded with awards for Quantico.

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