Bollywood breakups that we have forgotten

There are a lot of Bollywood breakups that have since been forgotten.

Milind Suman and Shahana Goswami : They were lovebirds and there were rumours that they were going to marry. However, love fizzled out.

Neetu Chandra and Randeep Hooda : There was a time when the press was just waiting for an official announcement. However, all of us were disappointed.

Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra : The two were supposed to get married and apparently even the parents were involved. However, we never heard about the couple again post Love Story 2050, which stumbled and fell at the box office.

Harman Baweja and Bipasha Basu : We are sorry to feature the same name again. But almost the same story happened with Bipasha and Harman too. However, the ending was as same – the couple drifted apart.

Tabu and Nagarjuna : There was a time when the gossip mills were rife with the news that they were together. Nagarjuna was obviously married and Tabu avoided the topic religiously. Ultimately, the whole episode quietly slipped our minds.

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