Five things you didn’t know about Shruti Haasan

You probably think that you know a lot of things about Shruti Haasan but we bet you didn’t know these about her. Check out the lesser known facts about Shruti Haasan.

Shruti Haasan speaks a lot of languages: Believe it or not, Shruti Haasan speaks eight different languages. Next time, you meet her, please ask her about a list.

Shruti is formally trained in music: The actor has taken formal training in music from the Musicians Institute in California.

Shruti loves shoes: Shruti has more than 200 pairs of shoes. I am sure you would love to own her shoe-rack.

Shruti has a band: Yes, Shruti Haasan has formed her own band of which she is the lead singer. She performs rock at a lot of well-known places.

She did her college in Mumbai: Shruti did her schooling in Chennai but for her college she moved to Mumbai and studied at St Andrews College.

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