Five intriguing facts about Arijit Singh

He is the number one singer in Bollywood. Arijit Singh was also in the middle of a huge controversy recently when he alleged that one of his songs in the film Sultan was struck off as he was not liked by Salman Khan.

Here are a few facts about Arijit Singh that we bet you never knew about.

Arijit Singh is actually a Bengali : His title may be Singh and that might have fooled many, but make no mistake that Arijit Singh is a Bengali. His title is actually Shingho(that’s how it is pronounced). Singh is merely the spelling that he uses.

He had a divorce some years back : Arijit Singh and his first wife ‎went through a divorce at a district court in West Bengal a few years back. In fact, there was a minor skirmish with him and a correspondent of a reputed daily when the person had gone there to cover it.


Arijit used to play the Tabla : Like Kumar Sanu who used to play the Tabla before, Arijit Singh too used to play the same instrument before he discovered his talent in singing. 

Arijit’s music debut was earlier than Aashiqui2 : Everybody thinks that he made his debut with Aashiqui 2. But Arijit Singh made his debut with Phir Mohabbat in the film Murder 2.

He hates giving interviews : Unlike other singers, Arijit Singh hates giving interviews and talking to the media. He usually avoids the media and speaks only when he is requested by his producer.

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