Interesting facts about Bollywood legends you didn’t know

They are legends in their own right but we are sure that you didn’t know these facts about our dear Bollywood legends.

Sunil Dutt played the role of a dacoit in 20 films! In most of these film he was a villain. Sunil Dutt was as successful as a villain in Bollywood as he was as a hero.

Dilip Kumar was supposed to play the hero in the classic film Lawrence of Arabia. The film ultimately went to Omar Shariff who became a legend after reprising the role. Nobody knows why Dilip Kumar had rejected the role.

Amjad Khan was not supposed to play the role of Gabbar in Sholay. He was not the first choice for the role. It was Danny Denzongpa who was supposed to be the original Gabbar Singh. However, fate surely decided otherwise.

Did you know from where Dev Anand got the title of his movies? They were from newspaper headlines. Dev Anand always scanned newspapers to get the titles of his films.

Did you know one of the most famous Bollywood stars actually lived in Raj Kapoor’s garage when he was struggling? You will be astonished if we tell you the name. The name is Anil Kapoor.

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