Five outrageous Bollywood gossips that never came true

These are gossips that came out in the media and a lot of people hoped that they were true. But unfortunately they never came true. However, we too want some of the gossips from this list to come true.

Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar’s marriage : It was perhaps the most bizarre Bollywood gossip that ever went around. A gossip magazine said that Ekta Kapoor had accepted Karan Johar’s proposal for marriage. We think both of them had quite a bit of fun over this gossip because they didn’t react to it for a few days.

The three Khans coming together in a film : This gossip has been going around that the three Khans have signed a secret film together. It was even said that the three Khans will star in a Karan-Arjun sequel. However, it turned out to be a bizarre gossip.

Arjun Rampal and his wife’s divorce : A gossip website outed the news that Arjun Rampal got divorced from his wife when it was actually another actor and actress. This bizarre gossip took quite a toll on Arjun Rampal who took a decision to restrict his interaction with the press.

Neil Nitin Mukesh on Game of Thrones : Neil Nitin Mukesh trended on Twitter the whole day when it was reported that he was approached for Game of Thrones. Nobody could believe their eyes. Of course it was reported to be false later.

Kangana Ranaut is a witch : It took everybody by surprise when somebody said that Kangana is into witchcraft and sorcery. Of course, whether you want to believe the report or not, is solely up to you.

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