Siddharth is App-struck

Siddharth Malhotra is on an apps hunt, find out more what’s on his smartphone.

Apart from acting if there’s anything that Siddharth Malhotra loves indulging in, then it has to be Apps hunting.

What is Apps hunting? Well Siddharth Malhotra has downloaded Apps (which is short for applications on smartphones) for everything he does – driving, eating, working out, sleeping and even to sort music according to his mood!

Explaining his last app download, the young actor says that he has been into music and has a great collection on his smartphone. But there was one problem – there was no one to sort out his ever-growing and massive music collection. The young actor says that he has found this interesting app which also helps him sort music according to his mood.

Siddharth uses apps for monitoring his fitness regime too. He has five different apps to monitor his diet, pulse beats, sugar intake, liquid intake and his endurance levels.

If you look at Siddharth, you are most likely to see him staring at the screen of his smartphone and now you know the reason why!

And guess what? The other day we found that that even Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt have downloaded the same music app. When we asked them, both Varun and Aalia said that it was Siddharth who asked them to download the App. Alia indicated that everybody in the industry consults Siddharth about Apps before downloading them. We are sure you are now asking the name of the App, well it is called “StereoMood”.So, if you are promoting an App in Bollywood, you know who to contact!

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