Senior actresses with a body to kill for

It doesn’t matter that these actresses have left regular acting and appear in select Bollywood movies. In some cases, they don’t appear in Bollywood movies at all. However, these actresses have maintained fitness levels and a figure that can put any young actress to shame.

Shilpa Shetty : Frequently ‎referred to as a Yummy Mummy of Bollywood, Shilpa maintains a very strict diet and exercise regimen. This shows on her body and she is so far one of the fittest senior  actresses in Bollywood. No doubt, she is a preferred choice of yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Lara Dutta : Even though she appears in select movies, Lara is still known to be one of the fittest moms around. Post her marriage, she has managed to maintain her fitness levels like earlier and is widely considered a role model younger actresses.

Sushmita Sen : How does it matter that Sush doesn’t choose to appear too frequently on screen? Her workout photos on social media are a super hit. Sushmita’s fitness levels are widely considered to be of international standards. Not unlikely for a Miss Universe but ask her and she will tell you how hard she works to maintain her body.

Celina Jaitley : Even after the birth of her twins, there has been practically no effect on Celina Jaitley’s body. She is as fit as ever. Celina receives thousands of fan responses from mothers about maintaining a perfect figure .

Lisa Ray : She has defeated Cancer and her controlled lifestyle has defeated any signs of ageing on her body. We are also keen to know how she maintains her body so well.

Pooja Batra : She stays in the US and faraway from Bollywood but she hasn’t changed a bit. Ask Pooja and she will tell you that it is in her genes. But Pooja also has a regular and stringent workout routine as well.

Malaika Arora Khan : Nothing more to be said about her except for the fact that she has one of the best bodies in entire Bollywood.

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