Why this controversy won’t affect Kangana’s career at all

Kangana Ranaut has been in the news lately after she and Hrithik Roshan ‎hurled legal notices at each other. 

What has happened so far:
While Hrithik Roshan has accused Kangana of taking his name in the media as her “ex”, Kangana has replied to the notice with equal gusto and with counter allegations.
Hrithik has also ‎given out a statement in the media where he said that the email ID which was used by Kangana to communicate with him was actually of an impostor and that he has lodged a complaint about it to the Mumbai Cyber Crime cell. He also indicated in the statement that he thinks mental illness is a serious issue. He doesn’t directly refer to Kangana as the one who’s suffering from it. 

Why everybody is worried about this controversy
So far this is one of the most controversial scandals that Bollywood has ever seen in recent years and many experts have said and written that this controversy will destroy Kangana Ranaut’s career as most Bollywood heroes would never work with her in future.
It won’t do a thing to her. Here are the reasons why Kangana Ranaut will emerge from the controversy unscathed.


1. Films with super stars have never helped her.
Whether it is Kites where she played a small role or it is Krish3 where she played a supporting role, or Rascals where she played the main heroine… films with superstars in the lead have never helped Kangana’s career. In fact, these films have dented her career with most of them turning out to be turkeys at the box office. So, if she doesn’t become a heroine of a superstar, it won’t affect her career as a heroine.


2. The Khans had no plans to work with her
Kangana had never been on the ‘wanted’ list of the Khans. In fact, she has made it this far without acting in a single movie that had Khans in the lead. She has spoken about this numerous times in the past. She has said how she didn’t take the help of a Khan ever for any film and has no plans in the immediate future to work with them. So the Khans – whether or not they want to work with her – won’t make a difference to her life because they were never on the agenda.


3. The other superstars had no films in the planning stage or in the pipeline
Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn have no films with Kangana Ranaut in the planning stage or even at the scripting stage. The films that Kangana has right now are all with other good heroes with a very strong ‎script where she is the pivotal character of the story. These films won’t get affected by this controversy.


4. Kangana was always regarded as an outsider
Kangana has said this on numerous interviews that she had to tell herself numerous times that she comes from the outside and not from a filmi family. The films that have come to her are all great stories and mostly new talented directors are making films with her even now. The production houses that make out-and-out commercial films have never really thought of pairing her with a big hero in a big budget film. So there is not going to be any change of plan.


5. She has a fan following and place of her own in Bollywood 

Unlike some other Bollywood heroines who cannot think of their on-screen existence without a strong hero, Kangana has actually taken a stand that is opposite. She has already signed movies which require her to be the hero or a parallel hero. She has developed a strong fan following of her own after films like Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Queen scored centuries at the box office. She is one of the few heroines after Vidya Balan who have carried the film on her shoulders. After she has shunned award functions, many have started referring her as the female Aamir Khan. She has a very strong fan following of her own specially in the non-metro areas of the country.

So come what may Kangana’s Bollywood career will remain as strong as ever. You may mark our words.  

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