The foreigners in Bollywood

Some of your favourite Bollywood stars are not Indians. Sounds shocking? Yes it is true. Imagine, these heroes and heroines play the ideal Indian girlfriends and boyfriends on the screen but when the time comes, they have not changed their passport even though it clearly points out that they are not citizens of the country.
Of course we all know about Sunny Leone being an American citizen but here are the shocking list of Bollywood stars along with their quotes about being a non-Indian and not choosing to talk about it in the media. Most of the people mentioned here are actually listed as foreigners in the Republic of India and have a valid work Visa to work in India.

Alia Bhatt : She is a citizen of the UK and hence she is British. Everybody said that she couldn’t vote because she was underage. But the truth is she is a British Passport holder. “I will get a dual citizenship before the next elections because I want to vote.” (India doesn’t allow dual citizenship)

Imran Khan : Imran Khan’s father is a Bengali who is living in the United States and is a citizen there. His father’s name is Anil Pal and he lives in the Silicon Valley. Imran uses his mother’s surname but his passport is still American like his father.  Imran was born at Madison, Wisconsin in the United States. So Imran is a US citizen both by parental lineage and by birth place. Imran has never changed his citizenship though he has kept talking about it for a long time now. "This is true that I have an American passport. I haven’t been able to change it for a while.“  

Nargis Fakhri : There is a small shocker here. Not only that Nargis is not Indian she doesn’t have any Indian connect like the rest of the actors. More of a shocker: Nargis is actually a Pakistani. Yes! Nargis Fakhri’s mother is a citizen of the Czech Republic and her father is Pakistani. Her passport makes her a citzen of the United States and she was born in New York.
"I miss my family in the States. Sometimes I go there for holidays.”

Katrina Kaif : Of course you were expecting this name. Her real name on the passport is Katherina Turcotte and she was born in Hong Kong. But her passport says that she is a British citizen. She has a home in the UK and all her sisters are settled abroad. Some of the sisters are blonde. It is pertinent to note that  the name of her father has never been revealed properly and her sisters are from different fathers. Her seven sisters might be her step sisters too if you consider the fact that they have different fathers.

“I work in India and have propers permissions for that.I am a dutiful tax-paying professional in the country." 

Jacqueline Fernandez : She was born and raised in Bahrain and she claims that she has Sri Lankan origins. Her claims have not been verified but it is not sure that she doesn’t have an Indian passport. Her paternal ancestors were from Goa, her mother is a mix of Canada-Malyasian origin. "I want to open a business in Sri Lanka. I have a awesome house there.”

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