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Bollywood movie review: Saala Khadoos

This film needs your attention

 Star cast: Madhavan, Ritika Singh, Mumtaz Sorcar, Nasser and Zakir Hussain

Director: Sudha Kongara

Rating: ***1/2

Last week, we had two releases, an absolutely useless film Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 that released alongside a brilliant film like Airlift. In second consecutive week, we see yet another disgusting film Mastizaade being released alongside a way better and stronger film, Saala Khadoos.

saala-khadoos-trailer-story_647_121515082831Not many films have been made on boxing in Bollywood. The ones that have been made in the past ended up being a melodramatic family saga like Apne starring three Deols or a badly directed biopic, Mary Kom. But here comes a film which is an ode to boxing; a film which can be called a tribute of sorts to the globally popular fighting sport. The trailers had set higher expectations and the film lives up to every expectation you must have had from the film. Also, when you have a genius like Rajkumar Hirani associating himself with a film, it adds tremendous credibility to the project.

Saala Khadoos is a story of a boxing champion Adi Tomar (Madhavan) who loses the final match at the World Boxing Championship and fails to win gold for India after his gloves were spiked during a match by his own coach blinding him in the arena and handing the match to his undeserving opponent. Adi, who is shattered and is on a self-destruction mission, is however the best coach Haryana Boxing Association could have. But thanks to the manipulative and shrewd head of the association, he is threatened to be suspended on fake charges of molestation. However, Adi is now transferred to Chennai, a state with the weakest women boxers ever.

saala khadoos3After watching a few incompetent boxers, Adi spots the right girl with impeccable power, undying passion and fire in her belly, and unparalleled fighting spirit in Madi (Ritika Singh), a careless, carefree, crazy yet brave teenager girl who earns her livelihood selling fish at the local market. Being the best in his game, Adi spots in Madi what nobody else could – unmatchable boxing talent who would achieve what he couldn’t and would help him fulfill his dream of winning gold at the World Boxing Championship.

On the one hand, while Adi trains Madi and her sister Laxmi (Mumtaz Sorcar) in the most stringent and the most rigorous way possible, Madi falls in love with Adi for being the best coach anybody could have, despite him being the most khadoos trainer around. Madi’s sister Laxmi who becomes insecure of her sister’s caliber, decides to play dirty with her and ensures she loses state level championship thereby paving way for her to become the state level champion and the obvious eligible contender for international tournaments.

Her loss and failure at the tournament results in her being sent back home and a furious Adi loses all hopes he had pinned on his best and the strongest discovery. After almost falling victim to filthy advances of the president of the All India Boxing Association (Zakir Hussain), Madi now decides to give her life and soul and dedicate herself completely to boxing and fight to help her coach regain his dignity and lost glory at the international arena.

saala khadoos 2This is by far Madhavan’s career-best performance as far his Bollywood journey is concerned. He totally lives up to the image and the character of the most khadoos coach anyone could ever have. Maddy, as he is fondly known, has put his heart and soul and is brilliant as Adi Tomar. Nasser as the junior coach is terrific and Zakir Hussain as the manipulative president of the association is outstanding. However, one actor who deserves a huge round of applause and will undoubtedly walk away with tremendous critical acclaim is debutante Ritika Singh. She looks pretty, tough and vulnerable at the same time and that fantastically works in her favour and her character of Madi. Mumtaz, as Laxmi, has a done a very good job. And last but not the least, the captain of the ship, Sudha Kongara’s direction is absolutely fabulous. The script and the screenplay are crisp, engaging, thrilling and packed with the right ‘punches’ and perfect dose of drama and high-voltage emotions. The dialogues are impressive and beautifully complement the film.

Mastizaade notwithstanding, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Saala Khadoos is a solo release this week because the former deserves to be completely ignored and avoided. Whether you are a boxing fan or not, watch this one if you are a lover of good cinema and love watching good, sensible movies. It will surely knock you out in a wonderful way. Go for it!




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