Bollywood movie review: Mastizaade


Star cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das, Sunny Leone, Asrani (Yes you read that right!)

Director: (Unfortunately) Milaz Zaveri

Rating: Never Mind! But if you insist, *

mastizaade stilss

This film should have been titled Mere Meh’boob’ because the only thing the director is crazily obsessive about and intends to show in this film is b**bs, b**bs and more b**bs. However, his idea of showing ‘assets’ of every possible girl in this film has turned out to be the biggest liability for this film.

For a film that stars Tusshar (yet again in a sex comedy), an unbearable (non) actor like Vir Das, an almost nude Sunny Leone in twin roles throughout the film, characters so irritating that you want to shoot them all, and to top it all, if the film has the filthiest dialogues ever written in the history of Indian cinema that would make even guys, who love crass humour, cringe, you know this film is nothing short of a non-bailable offence committed by a b**b-obsessed director!

Asrani is seen repeating, ‘You are sh*t’ in the film and that’s exactly what I would like to say about the film. IT IS SH*T!! You don’t need to know absolutely anything more about the film. I just have three golden words to say to the director – STOP MAKING FILMS! And I have three golden words to tell you, dear readers – DON’T WATCH IT!!

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