Bollywood Film Review: Chauranga

Just forget about it

Star cast: Sanjay Suri, Dhritimaan Chatterjee, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Anshuman Jha, Soham Maitra. 

Director: Bikas Ranjan Mishra

Rating: *

There are films you set out to watch with minimum expectations. And then there are films made with the intention of not living up to the audience’s expectations at all. Chauranga is one such film.

I know, no filmmaker sets out to or intends to make a bad film which is a royal waste of your precious time. But in case of this one, you would want to believe that the director intended to make a film that didn’t make sense at all at any level.

A still from the film Chauranga

A still from the film Chauranga

An absolutely non-sensical docu-drama set in the village, the film primarily talks (or rather is suppose to talk) about the lower caste, the untouchables and their stigma and tribulations. But barring a couple of scenes, the rest of the movie looks totally irrelevant and non-relatable at all levels.

There is an upper-caste zameendaar who doesnt allow sons of his maid to even touch his feet but happily has sex with their mother. On the one hand, while he happily sleeps around with his maid, he strongly disapproves of her younger son even writing a love letter to his daughter. Then there is an old blind priest who doesn’t have any qualms about wanting to have sex with the zameendaar’s daughter who is of his grand daughter’s age and a minor too!

There are suggestive scenes of the priest wanting to or rather having sex with a goat and later with the zameendaar’s wife inside the Shiv temple, although the director has smartly avoided showing the two in the act inside the temple to evade a volcano of controversies that must have followed and the repercussions he must have had to bear the brunt of!

I Wish this film didn’t exist. It would have saved some precious time and sanity that you might feel like having lost as the end credit rolls. Ignore and avoid this one. Just forget about it!

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