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Bollywood recreates lesbian love story of Norwegian filmmaker Tonje Gjevjon

TonjeGjevjon15_LineSH_750_2Norwegian actress and director Tonje Gjevjon, might have never thought that her real life love story may one day transcend on the celluloid, and that too in a Bollywood film? But that is now happening!She and her partner, Edith Roth Gjevjon will enact their real life roles on reel life in a forthcoming Bollywood film.Tonje Gjevjon, has an interesting personal story to share that only proves her conviction in making a Gay love story.  Tonje met her partner Edith Roth in Bergen at a Lesbian Bar. Edith was a bartender there. The moment Tonje saw Edith, she felt that she was the only girl made for her.“I was so wildly attracted to her that I could feel myself going insane. She was in a stripped Tshirt, face like an angel,  I knew I was head over heels for her and that we were going to be together for a long time. She was so radiant and sweet. And I knew instinctively that she was the one who I was searching for because my heart finally felt at peace,” she quips ecstatically.But at that time Edith was in a  relationship with someone else. They both instantly clicked and within couple of months they got married. Now they have been living together for 16 years at Nessodden ( and this summer celebrated being married for 15 years), a beautiful island near Oslo. The island is like a dream world with picturesque  nature, calm  sea, long trees, flowers blooming everywhere, deers strolling around, and during winters the sea actually freezes into snow. Tonje’s parents lives in the neighbouring house. 
TonjeEdithRGjevjon14_750A source from the film confirms, “We have actually shot in their real house and in the film we have shown them as what they are in real life, a married couple with their real names. To add authenticity we showed their real house as their reel house. Also in a scene we have mentioned how they actually met. This is for the first for any film that real life characters are used for reel life with their actual life story.  And seeing them together on the sets, if Intimacy is the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you could feel like you could  see into their soul, a perfect example for straight couples!”Director Tonje Gjevjon gushes, “Yes it’s true, My Prince charming is a princess, Edith touched my soul tender like morning mist.  And we wanted to capture the same sentiments when we were filming Dunno Y2- Life is a moment. It is a brave moment for Bollywood that a mainstream film has a gay theme.  Our film has got the purity of  FIRE but within the mainstream Bollywood landscape. It’s quite big in ambition. World cinema has changed and films with gay love theme are the flavour of the season with highly appreciated films like Blue is the warmest color, Carol etc. doing exceptionally well”


Kapil Sharma

Dunno Y2- Life is a moment is a film on equality rights. It conveys a message that love is above gender, race, religion or human boundaries. It is a film which celebrates human rights. It is a love story between Aryan and Ashley, two boys. In Part One Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun,  Aryan and Ashley fell in love, but it had a tragic ending. But Dunno Y2- Life Is a Moment has moved on to celebration. This film is mainly important for Human Rights worldwide, as this is the first Indian film which will have two men getting married. It becomes even more complex, as one is a Pakistani Muslim and the other, an Indian Hindu. If the conditions of LGBT rights in India are bad, in Pakistan it is at its worst. The film is set in Norway, where same sex marriage is legal from ages.  It is the first Indian Norwegian collaboration,  an international film with international crew and actors.The film stars me (Kapil Sharma), Yuvraaj Parashar, Zeenat Aman, Pakistani actress Meera, Sadia Khan, a host of European actors,  directed by Norwegian director Tonje Gjevjon and Indian director Sanjay Sharma. The sequel is a musical romantic comedy in three languages Hindi, English and Norwegian.The film releasing on Sept 17, 2005, co-incides with the release of the highly anticipated Roland Emerich’s LGBT film Stonewall that kick-started the modern day gay movement. The stonewall riots is often regarded as the birthplace of the LGBT movement.

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