Salman writes a hand-written letter to a special friend!

Yes, the actor,
after ages, decided to write a letter to a special someone and this time it was
a hand-written one.

We know if Salman Khan makes you his friend then he will
stand by you, no matter what! He’s one guy who the entire industry wants to be
friends with, but only a few have been lucky enough to call this superstar
Khan, their friend.

love, care and support for his friends are unconditional, provided you don’t
rub him the wrong way or try misusing his friendship. One such person who
Salman not only considers his friend and family but also admires a lot is
Sanjay Dutt. In fact, Salman was missing his dear friend, who has been serving
his sentence at Yerwada Jail, so much that he even wrote a hand-written letter
to him.

This comes
straight from the horse’s mouth. Salman reveals, “I just wrote a letter
recently to Sanjay Dutt. I started writing it and then my handwriting started
getting worse and worse. So I gave the pen and paper to Sonakshi. I kept
telling her what to write and she kept writing it. But that letter is only for
Sanjay Dutt.”

We know you guys
are extremely eager to know what Sallu wrote to Sanju but some stories, as they
say, are better untold.

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