10 times Jacqueline Fernandez spoke her mind

Apart from her gorgeous looks and acting mettle, what keeps Jacqueline Fernandez going is her bindaas attitude and these top 10 quotes that we present to you are testimony to the fact. Check them out!


1. “I don’t really think it is about camps anymore. Salman himself doesn’t believe in camps. He has always told me that I should work with different people, do different films and work opposite great actors.”


2. “Sajid (Khan) (her rumoured former boyfriend) is still a great friend and we wouldn’t let our personal issues take a toll on our professional association. Both of us share equal respect for each other. We both have separated our personal and professional lives and I would love to work with Sajid again.”


3. “I think I am in a situation where I get to choose the roles I want to do. Getting to choose a variety of scripts is a great position to be at. I no longer have to race; I can now sit back and enjoy the work I have been doing.”


4. “My friendship with Sonam Kapoor has strengthened over time. It’s amazing that I have a fellow actress I can share my highs and lows with. I don’t really have filmy friends. Sonam makes me feel like I am home. She is family to me.”


5. “A lot of time I receive negative comments about my style, fashion and personality. Talking about my style, it isn’t conventionally fashionable; it is perky. For me, it’s always about who I am and my personality and that’s how I would like to project myself.”


6. “I think it’s important to not be afraid of the world judging you and be confident about who you are. It is not always important to be a people pleaser.”


7. “I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin and haven’t really given a thought to what people will say. The way I dress, talk or conduct myself is honest and real, and that’s what is important for me.”


8. “There is scrutiny in the industry, but we have to understand that not everyone is here to love you; they don’t even love themselves! Do not expect them to like everything you do all the time. I cannot please people always. I prefer being myself, whether in scrutiny or otherwise.”


9. “One piece of advice I want to give my contemporaries is always be truthful in whatever you do because nothing can remain hidden. Don’t shy away and pretend to be something you aren’t. The day you are yourself, you start getting appreciation.”


10. “I would have loved to be part of Om Shanti Om. I loved the way the film was magical and fantasy like. I would have loved to be part of Queen and Jab We Met too.”

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