Ranbir-Deepika suddenly get conscious in front of photographers


1. Ranbir, Deepika and Imtiaz Ali arrive at Prithvi Theatre to watch a play. The photographers (who had been informed much in advance) immediately start clicking…


2. They happily started posing for the photographs. All three of them together…


3. Then came the request from one of the photographers, that Ranbir and Deepika should pose together. Imtiaz was too polite and immediately moved away from the frame. Ranbir’s face hardened. Though Deepika was smiling away, Ranbir was not.


4. Suddenly both of them felt a little awkward and Deepika whispered something to her ex-boyfriend. Ranbir smiled and answered her back. His face still wore a glum look.


5. We didn’t hear Deepika’s words…But Ranbir immediately lowered his head and whispered something back. This time there was a smirk on his face. He was trying to hide it with his fingers.


6. Then they separated all of a sudden. Snap!


7. Ranbir then quickly moved away, leaving Deepika to pose for the shutterbugs exclusively…

We didn’t know suddenly what went wrong. Can you figure it out for us?

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