Why Akshay Kumar doesn’t discuss movies and stunts with his son?

The superstar
Khiladi Kumar says that films are not the topic of discussion at home with son
Aarav. So what do they love to talk about?

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Akshay Kumar’s name is synonymous with action and stunts
and like he says, “I am the all rounder stuntman with the funnybone.” Hence, it
would sound unbelievable that he doesn’t discuss movies, action and his stunts
at home on the dining table. Surprising, isn’t it?

But it’s as true as it gets. We all know that Akshay
loves to lead a disciplined lifestyle and even refrains from smoking and
drinking. However, there is another rule the superstar abides by and that is
not talking about his films and the stunts with his kids. But that doesn’t mean
that the doting father doesn’t interact with his kids at all.

 Akshay loves talking about food, sports, technology,
friends, swimming, school and family with his son Aarav who is 13. He likes the
fact that Aarav completely focuses on his studies and doesn’t try to get into
his dad’s work space. Although Akshay has given him a lot of freedom and shares
an open relationship with his son, which is more on the lines of being friends
than father and son, he loves that Aarav doesn’t ever ask him about his action
and daredevil stunts that his dad is often seen doing in films.

Maybe a few actors can learn a lesson or two about the
discussion they should have with their families on the dining table.

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