Five pairs who could do justice if Pyaasa was made today!

Pyaasa, directed by
the cinematic genius, Guru Dutt, was, is and will continue to remain a timeless
classic. The depth with which the story was executed, the intensity of two of
the most startling performances by Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman, and the direction
that still remains an inspiration to all the aspiring filmmakers contributed in
making Pyaasa, a legend! While the film was the first Indian Hindi movie to be
screened at Venice International Film Festival on Sept 11 and will compete with
20 others from across the world for the ‘Venice Classics Award’ for the best
restored film, we revisit the film and present to you the list of actors who
could have done justice to the film if it was to be made today.

Aamir Khan and Vidya

Think of performance-driven roles and these are the first
two actors that would come to anybody’s mind purely because they have a
fantastic ability to get into the skin of any character, irrespective of how
complex it is. Aamir Khan as Vijay and Vidya Balan as Gulaabo would undoubtedly
come closest to the magic that Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman created on screen
and something that has still remained unchallenged and unparalleled.

Irrfan Khan and Tabu

These two exemplary performers were born intense. Intensity
runs in their blood and genes. It’s a part of their DNA. How else could you
explain the brilliance with which Irrfan and Tabu have managed to leave the
audience spell-bound every time they have played complex, multi-layered
characters? These two versatile artistes will add their own charisma and flavor
to the story and would make the characters absolutely relatable and believable.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui
and Huma Qureshi

We don’t even need to tell you about the talent Nawazuddin
has been gifted with. The rawness, realism, rustiness Nawaz comes with coupled
with his brilliant acting skills will most certainly give the character of
Vijay some interesting new dimensions. And if there is anybody who could
perfectly fit Gulaabo and give an interpretation that would complement the pain
of Vijay, it would be Huma Qureshi!

Ranbir Kapoor and
Deepika Padukone

Among the current crop of actors, these two young guns
definitely come with a promise to deliver what an intense drama like Pyaasa
would demand from them. We know it’s unfair to even compare Ranbir to Guru Dutt
and Deepika to Waheeda Rehman, but the reason we would love to see these
extremely versatile entertainers is because they too come with a history of a
broken relationship, yet with the charm in their chemistry still intact –
something even Dutt and Waheeda brought on the table for Pyaasa.

Ranveer Singh and
Anushka Sharma

You must be thinking that we are out of our minds. But
that’s not true. Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera that saw a completely different
dimension to Ranveer Singh’s acting talent and persona compelled us to
visualize him in Pyaasa. We feel the true talent and acting ability of this
actor is still untapped and if cast in a complex, multi-layered role like
Vijay, Ranveer can do wonders. And who other than Anushka Sharma can add the
mystery to the chemistry. After all, when two ex-lovers are cast in roles like
these, that can ignite some old flames, it can bring the creative best out of
them. What say guys?

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