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Ravi Pujari

Ravi Pujari

Bollywood is not speaking much, neither is the Mumbai police.
But the truth is: special task forces of the Mumbai Police Crime Branch are working overtime to safeguard a clutch of Bollywood stars who’re in danger of being fired at in public places.
The remnants of the Mumbai underworld lying dormant for decades have suddenly sprung back to life, thanks to the efforts of Ravi Prakash Surya Pujari (picture on left), a fugitive gangster whose sole aim is to terrorise Bollywood over the phone. He has been unsuccessful so far but the police fear that he’s become desperate to deliver a ‘hit’.  
But for the first time Bollywood has not relented and thanks to the Mumbai Crime Branch, all the operations of Ravi Pujari have been foiled. Never before Bollywood has shown such courage to collectively ignore an underworld don.
Though Pujari has been in operation for at least a decade, he’s been particularly active this year and has threatened a record number of Bollywood personalities over the phone.  
Here is a list of his recent targets.
Target number one: Shah Rukh Khan
shahrukh-6 (1024x717)Police sources say that the man who is on top of their hit-list is Shah Rukh Khan. 
Henchmen of the don have been trailing Shah Rukh Khan for the past year.
Officials from the Crime Branch have had meetings with Khan about this and this has prompted Shah Rukh to buy bullet-proof cars not only for himself but also for his family. The Mumbai police apparently have also advised Khan not to go out without his security cordon in place.      
Ravi Pujari’s problem with Shah Rukh Khan began when he refused to take his calls that was made to the landline number of his office in Mumbai. Pujari wanted overseas rights of his film Happy New Year (which is incidentally the biggest Bollywood hit of 2014). Police sources say that Pujari also wanted a master print of the film to make pirated copies.
When nothing worked, Pujari asked his henchmen to fire at Karim Morani, SRK’s business associate. That operation failed as his henchmen chicken out at the last moment and fired randomly at Karim Morani’s bungalow in Juhu from a speeding motorcycle
Target number 2: Mahesh Bhatt
Mahesh-BhattThere is a reason behind targeting Shah Rukh Khan. But there is no apparent reason why Ravi Pujari has trained his guns on Mahesh Bhatt. Apparently, the unsuccessful attempts on Mahesh Bhatt‘s life was just to show Bollywood that Pujari can deliver on his words. Well, he has failed miserably there too.
Twice in the past, Pujari has tried to get his people to fire on Bhatt but nobody from his gang have been able to deliver. After the third attempt on Bhatt’s life, the cops have extended their operation and 14 people have been arrested so far. 
For now, cops have also managed to scuttle the hawala route of Pujari through which he has been transferring money to his hired guns. More arrests are expected as it is learnt that Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has put all the 12 units of Crime Branch on this case.
Target number 3: A crime correspondent in Mumbai
NofaceA frustrated Pujari had also ordered his men to bump off a crime reporter in Mumbai after he wrote that Pujari has no negotiation power and settling for any amount offered to him as protection money. The Crime Branch foiled that attempt too and three were arrested in the case. The reporter was provided with police cover.
Given the way most of his operations have failed, sources say, that Pujari is now desperate to deliver a ‘hit’ and might be targeting actors who are important but not on the A-list. 
“He knows that all his operations have failed and basically the Mumbai Police has shown that he is ineffective. Besides, all his hawala channels into India have been scuttled. The police are also zeroing in on his locations. He will keep quiet for sometime but soon he is going to follow-up on his threats. All he wants to do is to hit the headlines in the Indian media as an underworld don,” said a police source.
If we go by extortion calls, then here is his probable hit-list: Karan Johar, Boney Kapoor, Farah Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Raj Kundra, Farhan Akhtar,  Farhan Azmi, Boman Irani and Ritesh Siddhwani. He has also threatened Nusli Wadia over the Preity Zinta molestation case. 
It’s now a race against time between the police who are closing in on Pujari while he wants to deliver at least one strike to prove his worth. 
In the middle is Bollywood which has shown him the middle finger.

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