Countdown to #VadaPavDay

By Shama Bhagat

Do you know that August 23 is Vada Pav Day? Well, we along with Bollywood stars are celebrating the day. Now you are part of the celebration too!  

Today Vada Pav doesn’t belong to Maharashtra alone, it is counted among the most popular snack in the world. We in Mumbai also know it very well that Vada Pav is the best way to fill yourself when you are short of cash.

Not only does the common man survive on the 12 rupee vada pav during their lunch time but most of our bollywood stars see no harm in occasionally relishing this Indian fast food from the streets of Mumbai.

We spoke to Bollywood stars who professed their love about Vada Pav. 

Vidya_Balan (444x598)Vidya Balan: As I grew up during college days I would frequently visit Aradhana in Chembur. We used to have a lot of Misal there and gorged on the Maharashtrian fare that was served there.  I think the best Vada Pav in Mumbai is available at the famous Vada Pav stall in Chembur which is close to the Chembur post office. I remember that he became so famous that his centre became huge and he even bought a car. I sure he is even more famous now. I never miss to visit his his stall whenever I am in Chembur. 


preity zintaPreity Zinta:  The actress loves is often seen near Mithibai College near Juhu which serves one of the best Vada Pav in the area. “I cannot understand why roadside food tastes so good. I simply love the Vada Pav though I know I can’t have too much of it.”


fawad khanFawad Khan: The Pakistani actor who is making his debut with Anil Kapoor’s film Khoobsurat says, “I love Indian street food. I recently tasted Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji here and it was awesome.”


Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor: The actor recently ‘sold’ Vada Pav for a television show Mission Sapne outside a college campus. The proceeds of the show were donated towards the treatment of 10-year-old Sunita Ingle who is battling blood cancer. The actor says that Vada Pav with tea is his staple evening snack. “It’s the best fast food of Mumbai which we have grown up on since our school days. Even during the shoot of Rock Star we would make Imtiaz Ali sit on floor with us and have Vada Pav.” 


javed jaffreyJaved Jaffrey: “Vada Pav was our staple diet when we were in college because we couldn’t afford to go to restaurants often.  As we were students. Vada pav was much cheaper and affordable. Though I have become more fitness conscious but I do have a Vada Pav occasionally.”


varun dhawanVarun Dhawan: “I simply love the Vada Pav. When I was in college I used to have it outside Mithibai College but now it’s impossible to go out in the crowds. I still enjoy the Vada Pav there.  I send my driver to pick it up from there and have it in the confines of my car.  However, it’s not as much fun as having it with your friends hanging around you near a road-side stall.”


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