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Exclusive photos: Rani Mukerji mobbed at Kalighat Temple, Kolkata

Chaos reigned at the famed Kalighat Temple last Wednesday (August 20, 2014) around 5 pm as Rani Mukerji visited there to pray during the promotional tour of her film, Mardaani.

She was mobbed by at least one thousand people near the narrow entrance of the main Kali temple. An inadequate police bandobast and an unruly media made matters worse.

In the pictures, you can see also her spokesperson Shilpa Handa trying her best to steer Rani to her car after the darshan. Luckily, Rani escaped unharmed even though there was a mini stampede of sorts.

I don’t know why the Kolkata police couldn’t arrange for her security despite a message sent to them about the visit much in advance.

Here, take a look at these photographs.

Just minutes before the temple visit, Rani Mukerji posed for the camera at her hotel room. Here are those pictures, take a look.





All photographs are clicked by Atanu Biswas.  

Photographs and news input courtesy: Ei Samay Newspaper, Kolkata 

Photographs are copyrighted. Kindly do not copy-paste it anywhere else. 

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