A visual analysis of Deepika and Katrina

Deepika and Katrina KaifA whole generation of women, 14 to 60, would agree that Ranbir Kapoor is cute!

But the twist in the poor guys tale, is the mind-numbing absurdity of imagining that two of Bollywood’s most successful actresses should be pining over him. It  is simply too far-fetched!

Media is rife with rumours of about how DP and KK can’t stand each other. Predictable. But too predictable to be true!

So what do these girls need?

Financially — lets put  Deepika and Katrina’s earnings at a conservative 20 crores till date. Invested at a conservative 4%, that’s an annual interest of 80 lacs, or 7 lacs a month of income.  So, financial security is sorted.

Then comes emotional balance — family and friends can give you that.

Ideally, they should have a sense of purpose – these are fresh choices for which they don’t have to commit existing funds.  All other personal needs can be shared with a committed partner.

A visual analysis of the girls

Deepika looks  “driven, but  living in the moment and vulnerable.”

Katrina looks “workhorse, but reserved and careful”.


Jernnifer Gates

Jernnifer Gates

These two superstars have the chutzpah to seduce a nation of a billion people, definitely they either know, or will learn how to  “be”, “let go” and “move on”. Then what is this imaginary pining and jealousy over one guy? Lack of perspective?

Probably an invention of a patriarchal society, where the man is the prize. Not really anymore. Google “Bill Gates daughter” and you would know what a prize looks like! Jennifer Bill Gates looks every bit like a prize worth chasing — Ranbir is a distant nth on the chasing list.

Men and women today, may be ready for a relationship, but may not be ready to settle down. This is now accepted well.

Hence, as a nation, we should let Deepika and Katrina enjoy their youth, and let Ranbir enjoy his.

Ten years from now, none of them may be connected to each other in any way-and yet be perfectly happy. And no fingers need to be pointed at any of them.

The man does not deserve our sympathy, neither do the girls deserve our pity. They are fully aware of the choices they’re making. And they are all inspirations in their own right.

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    • I am not even sure why did Jennifer Gates pop up in this article. And he just wrote invention of a patriarchal society and followed it up by Bill Gates’ daughter. *shaking my head*.


      • The opinion (not by me) just plots three superstars on Maslow’s Hierarchy. in not so obvious ways. Maslow (1943) stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. When one need is fulfilled a person seeks to fullfil the next one, and so on. All three have earned the right to choose, and no one is a greater prize. There’s a diagram, you may Google it.


  1. Really like reading your blog..slight correction…the imagge you have posted is not of Bill Gates’ daughter but of actress Rachel Leigh Cook. It was an internet rumour that Bill Gates’ daughter looked like her.


  2. The article is reasonably well written. But Deepika and Katrina are referred to as girls whereas Ranbir is called a man, and Jennifer Gates is called Jennifer Bill Gates, when her name is Jennifer Katharine Gates- both quite ironic phrasings in an article that discusses patriarchy. And BTW, isn’t Jennifer “worth” pursuing only because she is Bill Gates’ daughter? What exactly has she achieved in her own name, yet?


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