When is enough actually enough?  

By Alina Wadiwala

alina wadiwala

Alina Wadiwala

We always hear how ‘Nothing is ever enough’ for any human being. The more we have, the more we want. Greed is a constant factor.

I am referring those people who chase their dreams and arrive in Mumbai hoping to be the next Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan.

These stars came from their native places, struggled all the way and made it big in Bollywood. Very few like them have reached the highest height of stardom and have even gone further to be either the world’s richest star or the highest tax payer in the country.

But is what is the ratio of something like that happening to you? Nil?

It’s 0.000001%(One to a 10 million)!

Hope is a dangerous drug.

If any of you are aware of the sheer number of people who audition for lead roles in a Bollywood film, you will be in for a surprise. You can check that.

Also, if you are auditioning for a role in a Bollywood film, I suggest that you pack your breakfast, lunch and dinner and carry it along. You might have to sit there for the whole day.

auditions actress

An audition in progress for a Bollywood film

I am sure there is struggle in every industry or business. But not only is the wait in Bollywood the longest but is also most uncertain. Only a lucky few or the ‘compromising one’ will finally make it.

I have a few friends struggling with small jobs in the industry and those who have been away from their family for almost a decade now. They are still waiting for their dreams to come true.

What is ironic is that their wait is still not over.

One of the important question, that you should ask yourself is: When is enough actually enough?

When does one stop the Bollywood struggle? When does one change the dream?

The shelf life of any actor is less than five years unlike those few superstars, and I can count them on my fingers. The shelf-life of an actress is much shorter.

That is why you find that Bollywood heroes romance heroines half their age.

May be it is time to ask yourself when to quit and do something more fruitful. Something which will not only give you a satisfying experience but also will feed you in future.

A business where you will not be replaced with a younger someone.

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  1. I think that something is either in our destiny or not. It may seem like a fatalistic idea to some. If we really, really want something desperately, God may give it to us one day. But at the end of it, we may realize that it wasn’t worth everything we lost along the way or it might not turn out as we expect. We don’t know what’s good for us, we can’t see the future. Only God knows this. It’s not wrong to try and to pray for something to happen. But after some time, we also have to accept that we don’t decide our fate and if God isn’t willing something to happen, it won’t… no matter how hard we try.

    We are all on this earth for some purpose. It may just be different than what we have in mind right now. It’s okay to give up sometimes. Giving up doesn’t mean that we’re failure. It just means that we’re intelligent enough not to swim against the current. Life is the current and we have to let it take us wherever it takes us and make the best of that and remain grateful. It’s not the end of the world if something doesn’t work out. It’s important that we tried and gave it our best.

    And for all those people who are out there auditioning every day, if they are asked to ‘compromise’ in ways that are not appropriate, I think this is a test from God to see how much of our values and character we’re willing to give up to achieve something we desire. I’m referring to the casting couch and other similar issues. I don’t think that anything in life is worth giving up one’s honor or self-respect. These are things that money and fame cannot buy. If someone is starting to get inappropriate requests and being approached with false promises to be taken advantage of, say no and just walk away. Trust that God will help you achieve great things in life because you stood your ground and was not willing to do everything for fame and money. Things might be tough for a while, you might have to keep trying or you might have to go back home and do something else with your life. And you might be sad about it. But there is no better feeling than doing the right thing. This is just my opinion on the matter.


  2. Nowadays it seems like the small screen is the one somewhat easy medium to at least get you a 0.01% chance instead of 0.001% chance. Granted even from that medium very few have made it-unfortunate IMO because a lot of those small screen men are a lot more talented and better looking then the current lot of star brats. I always wonder what becomes of the many one hit or one flop wonders.


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