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The week that was…

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DCN_3245Hey my tootsies wootsies out there in cyberspace, how goes it? I must tell you I believe in transparency – not of the peekaboo lingerie kind sillies – but transparency in communication. Uh, just re-read that, sounds heavy duty, I’m anything but, my besties.

My name’s Bunny, Miss Bunny to be specific. Others have tried to steal my hat, but here I am, the genuine hatter. Asli maal, and all that.

Okay, last things first. I should make it crystal clear that last week my gup popped up on Sunday. It was titled Sunday Curry. Burrrrrrp. Main koi bawarchi nahin. I’m just a faltu femme who just lovvvvves the frantic antics of Bollywood guys and gals . Okay, okay, some of them are older than my aunties and uncles, but you know what I mean.

Anyway back to the transparency chukker. I was quite hooked to Soumya’s blog, when he invited me to curry it up. Don’t know that he meant it literally, talking of achaar and what not. I’m not too hot on achaars, the mango pickles are famed to leave stains on the teeth, and I’m not about to spoil my pearlies.

Yeah, so I’ll be here on the weekend to make contact with you guys. And you must have already noticed the change in the column’s title. If not you should. Toh der kis baat ki? Let me fill you in about the week that wazzz …

Here’s happiness ahead for Lolo

I’m thrilled to bits-‘n’- pieces about Karisma Kapoor taking a firm stand in the court and getting her talaaq from her husband Sanjay Kapur, the Richie Rich from Delhi. Once on a flight, he’d grumbled to me about how my dearest Lolo just can’t accustom herself to Delhi, and he can’t even think of getting accustomed to Mumbai. Moreover, Sanjay after divorcing socialista Nandita Mahtani and marrying Lolo, hadn’t quite lost his roving eye.

Jo bhi, now I learn that Lolo might remarry her beau, one Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO of a health pharma company. He’s divorced, with two angelic daughters. He seems quite a nice guy from the look of his photos at least. Believe me, if he ever causes so much as a frown on the face of my Lolo, I’ll go out with a protest dharna with all my sahelis. Lolo deserves happiness unlimited.

Huma and SaquibHow to lose kilos? Do ask Huma Qureshi

Ten times out of ten, I get bored at evening events. I try to crash early, latest by 10 pm, lulled by a thimbleful of sherry occasionally. Rekha ma’am follows the early bird maxim, too, to keep the wrinkles away, not that I need to. Whenever ma’m catches sight of me, she oohs and aahs, “Aapka complexion kitna peaches and cream hai.” Puhlease, that makes me sound like a fruit dessert.

Anyway back to the point, I was pleasantly surprised at the Forbes magazine under-30 achievers awards hosted at the Cheval in SoBo. At the risk of disclosing my age, I didn’t figure in the awards. Yeah, I’ve crossed that Tees maar khan mark by a few weeks, months, or just a teeny weeny number of years.

Still, the awards evening as cool as the sangria served. I chit-chattered on with the bright and feisty journos Sohini Mitter and Anjali Thomas. And exchanged a few diet notes with Huma Qureshi who has discarded oodles of kilos. Initially, I couldn’t recognise her. She was turned out in style – orange is her colour – and her hair seem to been teased and curled. Told her I liked the performance of her bro, Saqib Salim in Hawa Hawaai. She promised to tell him that. She’d better or I’ll be upset, very upset. That boy, with the right PR (is there any?) can go places.

Rajkumar RaoA curious case of forget me knots?

Also connected with that powerhouse actor Rajkumar Rao at the Forbes do. Liked the fact that he was all spruced up in a black suit and tie. The tie’s samosa knot needed help but I resisted from setting it straight. Or else I would have been accused of public display of affection, no?

Now that’s called hello hello, buy buy

Amitabh Bachchan

I do so adore my Dadoo, though I’m not sure he relishes this term of endearment. What to do? He’s all around me, particularly when I’m stuck at the traffic lights. And there’s my Dadoo, staring down at me from hoardings, making eye contact, and saying hello while endorsing a range of products. Only I get wildly confused. Is he thumbing up a cement brand, real estate property or a jewellery brand? Never mind. I’m going to buy everything he recommends, even though I don’t know what I’ll do with the sacks of cement. Anything for my Dadoo.

Hush! Ajoo saab’s secret project

I hear that Ajay Devgn is looking high and low for an actor who can combat his acting chops in a home production that’ll be announced shortly. Auditions galore have been held at Ajoo’s Juhu office…but the candidates may be in for a disappointment. Apna Rajkumar Rao has also expressed a super-keen interest in the part and just might get it… hmmm da hmmm.Kareena

Nothing wrong with second-hand offers

Really don’t know why so many film trackers are theorising that Kareena Kapoor Khan is now accepting rejects. This follows the news that the scruffy Sujoy Ghosh has just pencilled her in for Durga Rani Singh, after being nixed by Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut in that order. But then Bebo accepted Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, too, although Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was the first choice, didn’t she?

Sonakshi in HolidaySorry Holiday for me

My masseur and manicurist tell me they might just drop by at the closest multiplex to catch Akshay Kumar romancing Sonakshi Sinha in Holiday. Good for them. But sorry I’m not enthused. There’s been Ritesh desmukhso much publicity on this action flick that I know everything, right from the beginning, Sonakshi Sinha attempting to do a Mary Kom and the ending. Is mein mazaa nahin. Hype kills bills.

Really now…Kya Kool Hai Villain

Now who’s the Ek Villain? Siddharth Malhotra or Riteish Deshmukh? I certainly hope it’s dear Rits. Just might get him out of the trouser-dropping comedy ghetto. He’s a gifted actor, I suspect, but he’s always into Kya Kools… and Mastis… too typecast. Oye Riteish baba, yeh tu ne kya kiya?

And that’s all from my lappy this weekend. Do pray for the arrival of the monsoon, the temperature’s wilting my money plants. Till then ta..ta.

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