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Exclusive! Unseen photos of Asha Bhosle’s daughter, Varsha

Exclusive photographs by NK Sareen

Asha rehearses with her daughter Varsha before recording for R D Burman

There are very few articles that document the life of Varsha Bhosle — the daughter of Asha Bhosle who shot herself in the head with a licensed revolver in the morning of October 8, 2012.

The tragedy unfurled at her south Bombay apartment when Asha Bhosle was in Singapore to attend an awards function.

After the incident, Asha Bhosle went into a shell. She took a long time to come to terms with the tragedy. She never spoke about the incident for a long time and finally, when she emerged out of her shell, she gave a moving account about how difficult it was for her to move on.

Long after her death, it was discovered that it was photographer Gautam Rajadhakshya’s death that was a triggerShe was planning to start an orphanage with Gautam and perhaps couldn’t take the news of his sudden passing away. 

Today, we will reveal something about Varsha that nobody knows — Varsha was a fabulous singer just like her mother.

During her younger days, Varsha would often accompany her mother  to recording sessions and Asha had very high hopes about her as a singer. Asha had repeatedly said that Varsha is one of the most talented singers she had ever come across in Bollywood. However, Varsha never got her due as a singer in Bollywood.

Varsha too wanted to be a singer initially. She is first credited as a singer for Dev Anand’s film, Loot Maar. The song was composed by Hrithik’s uncle Rajesh Roshan.

She recorded a lot of songs for Bollywood films and decided not to pursue it as a career.

After continuing as a singer for a couple of years, Varsha gave up singing and decided to pursue her writing interests.

She wrote for a number of newspapers and magazines, including this moving article about the abuse that her mother faced early in her life. During her lifetime, she was a columnist for a number of Mumbai-based newspapers.

Here are rare, exclusive and personal photographs of Varsha Bhosle recording with her mother for the legendary RD Burman, who’s also her step-father.

I am sure the photographs will move you. Md. Rafi is also in the picture who was also recording for RD Burman that day.
All photographs are by NK Sareen and copyrighted to him. Please don’t copy-paste the photographs anywhere. To know more about NK Sareen, click HERE.


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  1. The article that Varsha wrote about her mother was excellent. The link to that alone was worth reading this article for.


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