I don’t spy on Siddharth: Vidya Balan

Vidya balan

By Shama Bhagat

It was supposed to be a lighthearted banter with film journalists and Vidya Balan was just enjoying the moment.

She has just come out of her self-imposed exile when rumours surfaced that she was having trouble with her husband.

If that was not enough then that rumour was preceded by the more nasty one that she had walked out on Sujoy Ghosh’s project (Durga Rani Singh) because she was pregnant.

Vidya had denied both in her earlier interviews.

Vidya with Siddharth

Vidya and Siddharth just after their marriage

When we caught up with her on the sidelines of an event, she looked as radiant as ever.

We didn’t want to ask her the same questions over and over again. The couple had posed for pictures together a few days back and we knew that there cannot be a louder denial than that one.

But we just wanted to get a taste of her wry sense of humour because we had been missing it. We asked her whether she felt the need to spy on her husband just like the detective she plays in her forthcoming film, Bobby Jasoos.

The actress replied, “He (Siddharth) never gives me a chance to spy on him. He’s such a boring guy. And yes, he’s very simple in real life.”

Vidya also said that she loves playing a detective in real life. “I would always try and do some spying in real life for fun of course but fortunately, I have never been caught (spying).”

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