You never knew this about Katrina Kaif’s siblings

From left: Stephanie, Melissa, Sonia Turcotte, Christine, Natacha, Isabelle and Katrina

From left: Stephanie Turcotte, Melissa Roberts, Sonia Turcotte, Christine Spencer, Natacha Roberts, Isabelle Turquotte and Katrina Kaif. This picture was clicked during the wedding of Christine with Nat Spencer.

Just a couple of months from now, the Indian filmi press will be buzzing with the international launch of Isabelle, Katrina Kaif’s sister. This international film called Dr Cabbie  (which might have a limited release in India) will garner much attention because one of the producers of the film is Salman Khan. This Canadian film will mark the official entry of Salman Khan as a producer in the International film market. Salman, I am told, is keeping an age-old promise he made to Katrina about launching her sister Isabelle. Initially, it was meant to be a Bollywood launch but now Isabelle seems to have voluntarily opted out of the race. I would call it a wise decision because Isabelle will definitely feel at home in English films than Bollywood films. The first look and the trailer of the film is already out and soon you might find Salman Khan promoting it.

In this blog, I don’t want to talk only about Isabelle but the other sisters of Katrina Kaif who are equally talented and accomplished as well. So here’s Sonia Roberts, who is equally talented as her elder sister but people in India might never celebrate her because she has chosen not to be an actress. Sonia Roberts (Turcotte) is an amazing photographer and the youngest of the Turcotte sisters. She is an amazing photographer and studying Graphic Designing at the University For Creative Arts at Surrey, UK. Here is a collage of some photographs clicked by Sonia.

Apart from being a photographer, she seems to be quite adept with magazine layout, creative book binding and webpage layouts. Sonia just launched her own website where she has put up some of her works. She is also an avid blogger and blogs about her creative pursuits here. If that was not enough, then Sonia seems to have taken in part in the London Marathon too where she ran for charity. Her sisters pitched in with donations to raise money when Sonia put up an appeal for fundraising here (I wouldn’t be able to confirm whether Katrina donated some money anonymously).

Apart from Sonia, her brother Sebastian seems to be engaged in creative pursuits too. Sebastian makes designer furniture. One of the sisters mentions this in her Facebook post where she posted a link to her brother’s blog (Post by Stephanie Turcotte). Earlier Reports have quoted Katrina where she has said that her brother Michael was studying Furniture Design and Craftsmanship at the Buckinghamshire New University. Sebastian too also has a blog of his own where he writes about creating designer cabinets. It was a surprise for me because this is for the first time I heard that Katrina’s brother is called Sebastian because all along I have been hearing that his name is Michael.

The post would be incomplete if I don’t mention Melissa Roberts. She is perhaps the only one in the Turcotte family who is a mathematician and has won one of the most prestigious awards in Mathematics (in the UK).

Winner Melissa Turcotte with Professor Ari Laptev, Head of Mathematics at Imperial (left) and Dr Frank Berkshire, Director of undergraduate studies (right)

Melissa Turcotte with Professor Ari Laptev, Head of Mathematics at Imperial (left) and Dr Frank Berkshire, Director of undergraduate studies (right) of Imperial College

Believe it or not, Melissa was awarded the famous Laing O’Rourke award for the Best Mathematics Student in 2009 at a glittering ceremony at London’s Intercontinental hotel on 25 September 2009. The Laing O’Rourke  award is popularly known as the Oscars of Mathematics. She was a student of the prestigious Imperial College which had put up this picture on their site (on your left). Here is a report from the college website of Melissa winning the award and why the college regards her “an outstanding student”.  Melissa graduated from Imperial College on 21 October 2009 and the ceremony was held at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. On the left, you have Melissa posing with her professors after receiving the Laing O’Rourke award. Melissa completed a four-year Master of Science graduate degree from the college.

Okay, now here’s somebody whom Kat can hire as as a jewellery designer. Her elder sister Natacha is a talented jeweller, I am told. My source also informs me that she is quite good at designing gold accessories that are encrusted with semi-precious stones like Rubies and Emeralds. Natacha also designs junk jewellery, my source informs me.

The rest of the Turcotte family seems to be happily settled into domesticity but all of them are active on social networking site. Here are some more pictures.

Katrina Kaif had earlier told me before that she is not on any social networking site, at least officially so. She maintains that stance even now. But unlike her, all her beautiful sisters are very much there both on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the Facebook profiles of Katrina’s sisters — Isabelle Ann, Stephanie Turcotte, Sonia Turcotte, Natacha Roberts, Melissa Roberts and Christine Spencer. Here are the Twitter accounts of ChristineIsabelle and Sonia. The names are hyperlinked to their respective social media accounts. However, even though you can view their social media profiles, you will only be able to see only those information that they have set to ‘public’. Is there a possibility, that to keep in touch with her family (who are scattered all over the UK), Katrina Kaif uses a private Facebook and Twitter profile? I am leaving that the answer open-ended because that’s the way it has been all these years.

Disclaimer: None of the privacy laws have not been breached here because an individual user can choose the information that they want to make public. All user have to agree to conditions to make some of their information public before they sign up with any social networking site. The links to the social networking profiles are all visible to the public and accessible via search engines like Google according to the agreements that the individual users agree while signing up. No information which is marked private has been put up in this blog post. I don’t vouch for the authenticity of the social networking profiles because there is no way one can verify these profiles individually.

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    • Really? How does she stand out amongst her firang sisters, pray tell? She’s an ordinary firnag making dough out of firang-loving-lusting Indians. I mean its been years she’s been “working” in Hindi film industry and she cant even speaking Hindi on screen and off-screen.

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      • @Safedo-ki-chamkar: She barely looks firang. She looks great in an Indian setting. Firangs have freckles and barbie hair. Indians like that? Not necessarily. Do they like the way Katrina looks? Yes. If she looks firang to you, so would many Pakistani or Persian women. Again, about speaking Hindi – when dialogue delivery is NOT your forte, why focus on it? When you go to a store, don’t get confused between the mannequin and the salesman.


  1. Seriously?! I’m not even a journalist and I’ve managed to dig up so much filth from this family’s past. Purely from the net. What I and many people don’t understand is why no media in India has mentioned this anywhere? Is there a gag order? Has someone paid everyone off or is everyone just scared? I don’t get it.


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