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I regret slapping Ekta: Tusshar Kapoor

Tushar and Ekta

By Shama Bhagat

Perhaps it was a chalice too heavy to bear or perhaps, he had made peace with himself before sharing this story.

Tushar Kapoor, the brother of Ekta Kapoor, opened up about his past and admitted that he was a bully. This incident, confessed Tusshar, didn’t let him sleep for many, many nights.

“Brought up in a protected environment, I had everything at my beck and call. I never realized that life would be a struggle out there (in Bollywood).  I was pampered by my parents, who never said no to anything that we demanded.  My parents have been very loving and brought us up with so much love and care. They were never strict.  Since I was younger to Ekta, I was pampered more. And though she was the apple of my dad’s eye, there they never made any difference between us.  I never got scolded or beaten up because academically I was a brilliant child, I always stood first in the class.  It was always books and me.  My relationship with my sister Ekta was different then.”

Stepping into sensitive zone, Tusshar finally started talking about an ‘incident’ that happened between him and Ekta.

“We shared the same room when we were kids.  We were always together when we went out on holidays. Being the younger one I used to bully her. I would trouble her a lot and even beat her up.  Once (when we were having a fight), I remember pinning her down on the sofa,  locking her hands (with mine) and slapping her.  She was screaming for help.  Our friend Shabina was watching and laughing  the whole time (from a distance but not interfering in it).”

When Jeetendra came to know about the incident he was mad at Tusshar.

“When dad came to know (about it), he fired the hell out of me.  He was so angry that he dared me to touch her again.”

Today, his equation with Ekta ( now a big-time television and Bollywood produce) has changed, says Tusshar.

“Now my relationship with Ekta has changed a lot. We give each other space and we respect each other.  I have started admiring her and feel proud that she has achieved so much at such a young age,” he adds.

tusharThe reality of life struck him when he arrived in the US for his higher studies. Tusshar revealed with much difficulty that he decided to drop out of college in the US.

“I never knew that life would be so different outside of the house.  I experienced it all when I went to America. I joined the University of Michigan to do my BBA. On the very first day I faced a culture shock. Renting a place of my own was another task altogether.  At every step I had to cross a hurdle and I realized life is not so easy after all. I hated the place and would cry for days on end. I didn’t want to study there.  I used to do my own cleaning and cooking.   There were no servants at my beck and call.  People around me were snobbish.  I did not face racism as such but the general attitude (towards him) was  unbearable. They (the locals) didn’t accept us easily. I felt  unwanted. Time management was something I couldn’t handle too.”

All this took a toll on Tusshar and he decided to drop out of college.

“I came back during the first year of college.  My parents realized my dilemma and even got me admission at a University here. On the day when I was supposed to join the university in Mumbai, I suddenly felt that I should go back and prove myself.   I realized I would be nobody if I stay back. I didn’t want to let my parents down. So I again went back to the US. That was when I really changed.”

Tusshar revealed that the he became a lot confident from there on and… a party person too.

“I started partying a lot and had all the fun that college kids have.  But I never let it affect my studies. From Monday to Thursday I attended my lectures and from Friday to Sunday it was party time for me. Two weeks before my exams I would vanish (from the party scene) and study really heard. I never scored less than 88 per cent ever.  My friends would wonder how I managed to get good marks despite partying every week-end. I went to Stephen Ross Business School after graduation and took up a job there for a year or so (after graduating).  The nine-to-five job was not my cup of tea. I was extremely upset and started missing home again,” he recalls

That was the exact point when he decided to come back to Mumbai for good.

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