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Normally, this blog is only reserved for stories about Bollywood and Indian cinema, but there are times when I choose to make an exception. This is that moment.

The name of this cute newborn is Agnisnato Sarbadhicary.

Agnisnato (which means ‘one who has bathed in fire’) was born on November 21. But he was released from the hospital at around 5 pm yesterday.

 Nobody knew about his birth until now.

Rousseau (named after Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau), as his mother calls him, is no ordinary baby. This newborn is the first official person in West Bengal who won’t have his father’s name on his birth certificate. 

I can’t say that he is the first baby of his kind in India because I am still checking government records to refute it. If you know of someone in a similar position, please let me know in the comments section.

agnisnato - Copy (1280x1180)

I earlier told you the story of how his mother conceived him.

His mother Anindita Sarbadhicary, a filmmaker and an alumni of the National Films and Television Insitute, bought sperm from over the counter and got pregnant through the IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) method. For those in the dark, HERE is the story again for you.

The blog created quite a sensation and Anindita was inundated with congratulatory messages from across the world. She says that the support she received made her even more determined.

But conceiving Rousseau was not the end of Anindita’s struggles, it was in fact the beginning of another struggle.

Rousseau was born premature (when he was 31 weeks old) because his mother was unable to sustain him inside her womb. Along with Russo, she had also been harbouring a fibroid (tumour) in her womb which was growing at the same rate as her son. 

 As Rousseau fought for space with a fibroid as large as him, doctors at the Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Childcare Centre in Kolkata had to keep Anindita in the hospital for three full days, unsure whether to perform an emergency operation or not.

The tumour was forcing the fluid in her womb out, the doctors, in a desperate bid to keep the baby in the it, had to keep Anindita confined to bed.

Finally, they decided not to wait anymore and opted for an emergency C-section. As soon as Rousseau was born, he was put in intensive care and round-the-clock monitoring. 

Rousseau improved with each passing day and soon started feeding. But even though he showed signs of improving, the doctors didn’t want to take a chance.  

He was kept in the neo-natal care unit (a scubu) as Anindita learnt to feed him.  She was discharged from the hospital on the 20th and the docs decided to keep Russo back. Anindita was asked travel from home everyday to feed her baby till yesterday.

 Both the mother and the baby are now doing fine at their home in Kolkata’s Salt Lake.

 Anindita says that she wrote a letter to her son every time she felt the need to communicate with Russo.

 “I kept writing to him. Sometimes the letter would be long, while at times it would be just a few lines long. There were times when I would write a poem for him. On the labour table when the doctor (Anindita’s friend T Biju Singh) asked me if I am comfortable, I made a request for a pen and a paper. They were like – ‘Are you out of your mind?’ But I was adamant. I wanted to write a letter to my son from the labour room. I finally wrote a letter to my son when he was being delivered. He is a special baby because I know how he had been struggling in my womb, jostling for space against a tumour as large as him. I just hope that when he grows up, the world doesn’t make him struggle. I hope that Rousseau makes way for other Rousseaus, who will proudly proclaim that they don’t have a father.”

Before you go, here is one more picture of  the very cute Rousseau in the arms of his mother.

aarush - Copy - Copy (1101x1280)

Short-link -> http://wp.me/p3x1zT-Qi
Here is the interesting story behind how the child conceived -> The rules of the game, changedAll pictures in this post are copyrighted to Anindita Sarbadhicary Congratulate Anindita on her facebook page

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