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Police to ‘speak’ to Sakshi Dhoni for more clues

A source in Mumbai Police confirmed on Tuesday evening that MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni might be asked to ‘help’ in the ongoing probe into the IPL betting racket.

On conditions of anonymity, the source said that Sakshi will be spoken to figure out if Vindoo Dara Singh was trying to attempt a meeting with MS Dhoni through her. Police sources confirmed that Sakshi never knew about Vindoo’s involvement in the betting racket and she is, in fact, innocent as she interacted to Vindoo like any other formal friend of her’s.

Vindoo with sakshi

The source said that the “questioning” will not be a police interrogation and to prevent any embarassment, Sakshi won’t be called to any police station.

“A team from the Crime Branch might be asked to visit her at a place of her choice to speak to her. She will also have an option to record her statement though it is not necessary,” the source said.

But why interrogate Sakshi then? “We are not saying that there are links between Sakshi and the bookies or Sakshi and Vindoo. No. never. That is not the intention. We have seen quite a few pictures of Sakshi speaking to Vindoo like she would speak to a friend. So, may be she can help by providing another clue to us.  Hence the need to ask her if she knows anything. We will speak to other celebrities also with whom Vindoo was thick,” the source ended. 

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