#JustAsking: Humble questions for Mr. Prakash Raj


Dear Mr Prakash Raj,

Let me start by telling you that I agree with you.

I agree with you that in a democracy, asking questions is very important.

I have learnt from you that unless you start asking the right questions and stop accepting things blindly, you are not a true citizen of a democratic country like India.

I fully agree with you.

I used to be a fan of yours, I used to like your acting a lot, specially the villainous roles where you would roll your eyes and throw dramatic, loud dialogues at the camera in a typical accent. Oh! I can never get bored with those villains that you have portrayed on-screen. Thank you for being such a good actor.

The same villainous roles in big budget Bollywood films have now propelled you to a place where everybody is listening to you.

When you speak at a forum, people clap for you. There are some websites which promote your interviews where you proclaim that you are against a democratically elected prime minister.

There might be some people who are still clapping and saying, ‘Wah! Wah!’

After you have taken a political stand, you have become an even bigger public figure.

You are in a position of power where many media houses are supporting you, giving you a platform to air your views and putting in money to promote your interviews. At some of the forums, you are denouncing the democratically elected prime minister of the nation. You have even said that the Prime Minister is not a Hindu as well.

I also want to follow your hashtag #JustAsking and ask you a few questions.

You might find reasons not to answer my questions saying that you are a private citizen of the country and you don’t need to pay heed to my open letter.

The fact is: you have a clear political stand, you denounce a certain political agenda and you are a public figure. I think that gives me the right to ask you a few questions.

So, I will ask you the following questions because I have learnt from you that you shouldn’t stop asking questions.

Here go my questions, I will be happy if you answer them.

1. You have spoken numerous times about the unfortunate murder of your friend Gauri Lankesh. I am also ashamed, sad and angry like you. This is a despicable crime and the criminals should be apprehended soon. The law should deal with the criminals strictly and you have my unflinching support on this issue.I also wanted to know your views on the brutal murder of the 28-year-old boy called Nenmini Anand. He was an RSS worker. He was hacked to pieces near a temple. This is a part of a series of political murders in Kerala. Just to remind you that the last alleged political murder was of Rajesh in Thiruvananthapuram. Rajesh too belonged to the RSS.

Will you answer me? #JustAsking

2. What are your views on Radical Communists, who take up arms not only against the State but also against innocent civilians who do not support them.

These extremists come in various forms. Some of them are known as Naxals who are engaged in a bitter Guerrilla war with the security forces, some are roaming around in the open, trying to muzzle voices of dissent from the Right Wing Groups through fear (by committing political murders), there are some who are trying to gain public empathy for the convicted terrorists like Afzal Guru, while others are publicly chanting about the disintegration of the state of India (‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’).

Will you answer me? #JustAsking

3. You ask that why Prime Minister is following abusive handles and fringe elements on Twitter.

May I ask you why you follow Umar Khalid on Twitter?

JNU student Umar Khalid has been accused of serious charges which include disturbing harmony. There are many complaints against him and he has not been proven innocent yet.  

Prakash Raj and Umar Khalid

Will you answer me? #JustAsking

4. You said you are an apolitical person but your political views seem to be leaning towards the Left. On one hand, you say you don’t intend to join politics and on the other, you say that you will join politics if someone challenges you . You have been challenged too.

Don’t you think you should make your political stand very clear and also explain to your followers about which political party and ideology you belong to in very clear terms?

Will you answer me? #JustAsking

5. Since you have a political view and I have asked very tough questions earlier, I want to ask you an easy question.

You said that Kerala “is one state where you can breathe without fear”. What is your opinion about the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data published in January this year (2018) that Kerala is the most violent state in the country ?

How are you endorsing a state for being peaceful when data says that it is the most violent?

Will you answer me? #JustAsking

Sir, I am only following your advice and defending my right to ask questions.

I am sure you will appreciate my stand and answer my simple questions.

Your humble admirer,






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