The spineless trolling of Anushka Sharma by idiots who call themselves fanboys of Virat Kohli

By Ambika Sharma

Ambika Sharma

Why does Anushka Sharma have to face the heat every time Virat Kohli doesn’t perform? The game of Cricket is looked upon like a religious guru and the fans are just as crazy as the guru’s followers. They are both unreasonable and act stupid when things go in the direction they do not want.

But my point here is, why would they troll the actor every time Virat fails with the bat? Even Virat has raised his voice numerous time against his fans and tried to shame them. However, his religious followers seem to have none of it, just like idiots living in their own glory.

Here’s Virat’s earlier tweet protesting against his fans’ stupid behaviour.

When I was discussing this heartless mob behaviour with my husband, he reminded me of the days when my twins were smaller and I was all alone taking care of them all day along with taking care of my office work.

Life was frustrating then, kids were too small and way too demanding. Everyday when the husband came home I would end up screaming at him within two minutes of his entry. One day he entered the house and I started yelling at him, so much so that he offered to leave immediately and come back again when I was willing to permit him inside. We laugh about it now, but I realised I used to be so frustrated that I would see him as my punching bag, since I did not want to be screaming at my kids.

Anushka is exactly that, a punching bag to all the crazy Virat Kohli fans who wouldn’t want to say a word against their favourite.

It’s like a mother who wouldn’t say a word against her son for doing things that upset her but blame his wife for making him do it that way, even when she knows her blame is not true!
But what the fans don’t realise is Virat Kohli doesn’t ‘not perform’ on purpose, it’s just bad luck, one miscalculated move that gets him out.

The fanboys of Virat Kohli don’t get a simple logic.

His affair (earlier) or marriage(now) to Anushka Sharma doesn’t affect anything. In fact he would now be more under pressure to perform and stay on longer in this game for he wouldn’t want to be sitting home with early retirement and still be in the limelight for being a spouse of a successful actor, especially in a country like ours. If it was vice versa it still would work fine. In fact I believe by trolling him we are only pressurizing him further, if he doesn’t play well because of stress, we are to be blamed for putting him in that spot.

Now not everyone who is trolling Virushka is a crazy Virat fan, some of them are like those people on the road who start bashing the side that is not defending itself well because it’s just fun to vent their frustration somewhere they won’t have to face any repercussions from. Like when the husband is asleep on an afternoon on the weekend after a crazy week at work and I’m getting frustrated with the twins not wanting to eat, the maid or the neighbour will comment something like, “Ha! ha! look at your husband he is fast asleep as if these kids are only yours and not his”. Not that they care about my frustrations, but they’ve just ended up bashing my husband, irritating me further for something they were angry at with someone else, from some other time.

So, what category of people do you belong to, dear trollers? The mother or the neighbour?

Sometimes our actions do upset or affect even famous people, they are also human in the end.

Next time you want to troll someone, think of your motive behind it! And don’t forget the fact that ‘Trolling is a form of spineless bullying’.

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