Bollywood stars who don’t attend award shows

​The credibility of Bollywood award shows has been under scrutiny for a long time now. There have been allegations of award shows being manipulated and most importantly, of being a TV show more than being an award show. There are also abounding allegations that awards are given to stars who come to collect the awards rather than to those who actually deserve it. A lot of stars have shunned award shows and are rarely seen in them. Here are some examples.

Ajay Devgan: You will hardly see him at award shows. He has said it time and again that he doesn’t believe in most of the award shows in vogue today.

Aamir Khan: One of the first actors who decided to stay away from film award shows because of its lack of credibility. 

Kangana Ranaut: She publicly shunned the award shows because of credibility issues. She has even been compared to Aamir Khan for her stance.

Salman Khan: Salman performs in award shows because he uses his performance money to find his public charitable work. But Salman Khan doesn’t go and attend award shows otherwise. 

Akshay Kumar: He used to attend award shows earlier but lately he has stopped going to most award shows because he has been overlooked by most jury over the years.   ​

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