What are these Bollywood siblings doing?

​There are so many siblings of Bollywood stars who are doing well in their lives but yet we do not know about them enough. Here are some examples of siblings of reputed stars who’re perfectly rooted in reality and are making a prominent place for themselves in the real world and not the reel world.

Anisha Padukone: She is a golfer and her game is improving by the day. She is Deepika Padukone’s younger sister. 

Karnesh Sharma: Karnesh was in the merchant navy and was known to be a very capable officer. Now he is a co-producer of Bollywood films with Anushka Sharma, his sister. 

Priya Balan: Priya is into advertising and is known to be a great mind in that arena. She is Vidya Balan’s elder sister.

Siddharth Chopra: He is a trained chef and has his own lounge where his signature dishes are served. He is Priyanka Chopra’s younger brother.

Deepankar Zinta: Deepankar is Preity Zinta’s elder brother and is a commissioned officer in the Indian army.

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