You ruined my childhood. How about not ruining my adolescence?

There are some tunes that haunt you for decades or perhaps a lifetime.

These tunes keep hitting the insides of your head when you least expect it.

This phenomenon may happen all of a sudden without any prior indication.

The tune can ‘strike’ you during a pressure situation at work, a high-profile meeting, while looking at something or even while writing this blog.

These tunes keep playing in your head on an endless loop and you don’t know why.

This Disney movie called Inside Out was pretty much explained this phenomenon accurately. Here is a visual representation of what I am saying.

These tunes are a part of our life. You childhood. Or, most importantly, your pre-teen years.

These tunes have defined moments for us and may be, that is why they have formed a part of our core memories.

Now, what happens when you see a remake of those tunes?

That song strikes your head too, but in a bad way.

It starts messing with your head. The situation is like a transmission getting interrupted due to signal failure.

The same thing happened when we saw a badly choreographed song which was a remake 0f this 1995 original below featuring Sonali Bendre and Nagendra Prasad.

The remade song came and went away soon and the film was a stupendous flop.

But it did the damage.

The sad remake still continues to interrupt the transmission and I don’t know how long it will continue to do so.

I have a small request for ‘talented’ Bollywood musicians on behalf of my entire generation.

Stop ruining our childhood and adolescence if you cannot create a better version. 

You are just messing around with masterpieces for no apparent reason because you are short on creativity.

I just heard that a filmmaker has laid his hands on that one song that defined my teenage years – Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Mohra where Raveena Tandon seduced Akshay Kumar on a rooftop in a yellow saree while getting drenched in the rain. 

I dare you sir. If you go ahead on this one, I am going to start an online petition against you.

Stop right now, please! I beg of you.

Please have some empathy for us. Feel for our bachpan…

You will ruin our childhood if you touch that song with your non-creative brain.

Then why try at all?

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  1. The music composers have simply gotten lazy. Pick a hit song, add Badshah’s one rap paragraph and be done. Commando 2 is rehashing Hare Ram from Bhul Bhulaiyya, which is not even old!


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