Are Bollywood stars superstitious?

They may project a bold and brash image when it comes to their films but when it comes to their real life our Bollywood stars somewhere fear certain things in life and have their own superstitions. While some follow numerology or astrologers, there are some who believe in wearing a gem stone might help them. How much ever they may deny it but the superstitions are a pivotal part of their real lives.

Salman Khan: The Dabanng Khan wears a silver bracelet with a huge turquoise in the centre gifted to him by his father. He considers it his lucky charm and does not take it off even when he is shooting for a film.  He also makes sure that he releases every film of his on Eid.

Shah Rukh Khan:  This King Khan believes in numerology and considers ‘555’ his lucky number and his vehicles carry this number. He is so particular that he changed the colour of his IPL teams’ jersey from black to purple on the insistence of an astrologer. Shah Rukh releases all his films on Diwali.  

Aamir Khan:  The perfectionist who does a show like Satyamev Jayate releases his films on Christmas because he considers the date lucky.  The actor who is a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar also wore the same t-shirt on five consecutive days so that the team wins.

Katrina Kaif: Visited Ajmer Sharif dargah before the release of Namastey London which turned out to be luckyt for her. Uproar was created on her clothes but ever since she visits the dargah before every release.

Ranveer Singh: He has fallen sick on the sets of Kill Dil and Ram Leela ever since then  on his mothers insistence he wears a black thread around his ankle.

Ekta Kapoor: Takes the help of her astrologers before beginning any work.  The producer believed that the letter ‘K’ was lucky for her and she named all her serials with the letter K. She also wears a lot of gem stones and visits Balaji temple before the release of every film.

Shilpa  Shetty:  She too has taken the help of her astrologers. The actress wears two watches on her wrists during the IPL matches for her team Rajasthan Royals and has continued to do so.

Amitabh Bachchan:  He has  also been very superstitious. He has always said that he never watches the matches when India is playing. He believes that when he is front of the television the team starts losing the match.

Rakesh Roshan: He is another director who is superstitious about the letter K. He has always titled his films beginning with the letter K.

Karan Johar: Like Rakesh Roshan, director Karan Johar was also superstitious about the letter ‘K’ but then as he grew up he stopped believing in it. 

Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir regards mother Neetu Kapoor as his lucky charm and her birth date which is on July 8 is his lucky number. Ranbir admitted that his password begins with the number 8 and his car number plates bear the number 8.   

Sanjay Dutt: He considers number 9 as his lucky number and is a firm believer in numerology.  He has the number 4545 number plates on his fleet of cars which adds up to 9.

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