Passions that Bollywood Stars Follow (Part II)

They are dashing and  famous  but not many know that our Bollywood stars  have hidden talents which they could explore as an alternative career.  Most of them have already started following their passions as a career while some of them are pursuing it as a hobby.

Priyanka Chopra: She is an actor par excellence and nurtured the passion of singing since childhood.  Her dreams have finally come true and she has now turned a professional singer and released her singles “In my city”,  “Exotic” and  “I Can’t make you love me”. The actress also sang a song in bluff master earlier and recently she sang the title song of Dil Dhadakne Do with Farhan Akhtar.

Rana Dagubbati:  The Bahubali actor revealed his softer side recently when he said he owns a workshop where he makes recycled articles. He loves to do woodcarving and has made furniture out of them.

Twinkle Khanna:  She was never a great actress but is a great interior designer and has designed many star homes. She is also a fabulous writer and has been writing columns in leading newspapers. She has also released her own books.

Shahid Kapoor: He has been a trained dancer and started his career as a dancer.  But apart from dancing the actor is good at DJing. He follows his passion at times when he gets into the mood to groove.

Salman Khan:  He has a tough exterior but at heart he is a soft guy. He has always been following his passion to paint.  Though he didn’t enroll into an art school he decided to follow it as a hobby and paints whenever he has the time to do. His paintings are auctioned and their proceeds go to his Being Human Trust. 

Sonakshi Sinha: She started her career as a fashion designer and assisted many designers before she took to acting. She still follows her passion when  it comes to designing her own clothes. Though she has not made it her profession.

Akshay Kumar: A trained martial artist he taught martial arts to children before he took up acting. He has kept the passion alive and has now opened a school where he gives free training to women and girls for self protection.

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