Passions that Bollywood Stars Follow (Part I)

They are dashing and  famous  but not many know that our Bollywood stars  have hidden talents which they could explore as an alternative career.  Most of them have already started following their passions as a career while some of them are pursuing it as a hobby.

Aamir Khan: This perfectionist loves playing Chess and has already won championships. Whenever he gets the time the actor loves to spend time on an occasional board of chess.

Ayushmaann Khurana:  The Vicky Donor is a singer and loves to play the guitar. He  has sung in most of his films. Not only that he released his  single recently and hopes to take his singing very seriously.

Boman Irani: Before he became an actor Boman was a photographer and loved to take pictures. The actor now does it as a hobby and carries his camera wherever he goes shooting outdoors.  

Saif Ali Khan: Is passionate about guitar and  plays it well. The actor is into heavy metal and has his own band and they have concerts all over whenever they have the time. 

Deepika Padukone: She is Badminton Champ Prakash Padukone’s daughter. So obviously the actress is a Badminton champ. She was planning to take it up as a profession but the sudden turn of events made her choose acting as a career. She plays badminton whenever she has some free time.

Randeep Hooda:  The Rang Rasiya actor has been passionate about horses and owns a few horses in Mahalaxmi Race course. He plays professional Polo and does show jumping.

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