You raised your voice against Hindutva trolls. Where are you now?

There is deafening silence.

The same people who lash their acid tongues against online trolls much too frequently, have suddenly gone silent. They haven’t said anything against the vicious trolling that Zaira Wasim faced recently.

Is it because of the ‘minority status’ or is it because that this originated from a section of Kashmiri youth?

Or both? 

We don’t know the reason, but let me tell you that all of them are hypocrites.

They pose as rationalists but under their skin, these guys are political propagandists who wouldn’t move a finger if it doesn’t suit their agenda.

They pose as journalists, writers, activists, influencers and columnists — but deep down they are idiots.

And losers.

Has Zaira Wasim been a boy, she wouldn't have been subjected to this trauma

Had Zaira Wasim (left) been a boy, she wouldn’t have been subjected to this trauma

Let’s face the truth. Had Zaira Wasim been a boy, she wouldn’t have been trolled as much. The online abuse from a section of Kashmiri youths intensified because Zaira is a young woman.
For long, the online abuse from Hindu fundamentalists have been carefully documented in numerous articles and blogs. Recently, there came a book which said that the Hindu groups closely connected with the BJP systematically target personalities on social media.
 What about the other faction of the online trolls? They exhibit very similar behaviour too.
Like any other troll group, they quickly gang up against an individual. There is no fixed pattern of their behavior. They just need to spot a victim and then it’s just a deluge of abuses that they rain on girls (mostly) who make ‘mistakes’ on social media.
It can be the wife of a cricketer wearing a sleeveless dress or a Pakistani actress showing a hint of cleavage. Or Zaira Wasim, who committed an error of judgement by accepting the invitation from the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. 
These trolls just rained vile abuses on her. Incessantly. It made everybody cringe.
Sadly, not everybody.
Some of the ‘Liberals’ today, are quiet. Their silence is speaking up against them.
These Liberals fail to realise that online abuse is abuse, the religion of these trolls shouldn’t matter. You cannot just raise your voice against the Hindutva trolls and keep quiet when a Kashmiri does it.
 This exposes your hypocrisy. This exposes the same mindset that you are trying to expose.
When you don’t speak up for a 16-year-old girl getting abused, it clearly shows that you care more for the politics of it than humanity.    
You guys don’t deserve to fight hate.

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