Five films with unexpected twists

Every Bollywood films tries to bring an unexpected twist towards its climax. But here are five films which have succeeded to do it.

P.S : Spoilers Ahead!

Bluffmaster (2005) : True to its name, the movie manages to bluff you till the very end because you can never imagine who is the guy who is actually bluffing.

A Wednesday (2008) : This is one of the most unexpected hits of Bollywood. The plot thickens as the common man turned terrorist turns out to be a common man with guts. This film must not be missed.

Kahaani (2012) : If you haven’t watched Kahaani then watch out for Vidya Balan. As she turns out to be exactly the opposite that you expect her to be.

Talaash (2012) : This Aamir Khan film perhaps has the most interesting sub-plot ever and its end will definitely leave you craving for more or an alternative story line.

Baahubali (2015) : Alright. The world has never been able to solve the question as to why Katappa killed Baahubali. 

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