Fitness goals Bollywood

In Bollywood, almost every leading lady out there is fit. More so, their fitness levels are of international standards. Here are the goals that we get from our leading ladies of Bollywood.

Shilpa Shetty : Yoga can do wonders to your body. If you are doing Yoga properly then that is enough to give you a fit body.

Sushmita Sen : You never skip your fitness regime. Period. No matter what the temptations are.

Bipasha Basu : Your diet is at the core of your fitness. Despite being a rice lover, Bipasha eats rice only once a year.

Jacqueline Fernández : Gymnastics and machines can add amazing power to your muscles. Add flexibility to it and you get magic.

Parineeti Chopra : If you make up your mind, you can drop any amount of weight. Only your diet has to be right. 

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