One-on-one with Ranvir Shorey: I am happy with the smaller films

Ranvir Shorey is back with Moh Maya Money which is being directed by first time director Munish Bhardwaj. The actor has a beautiful array of films this year. His last venture Tyre Puncture did not take off but then there are films in the pipeline like There is Death in The Gunj directed by  Konkana Sen Sharma, Sardi Hawa by Nil Madhab, English Shadow with Deepesh Jain that has Manoj Bajpai in the lead and another children’s film.

What is Moh Maya Money to you?

Moh Maya Money is the trappings of life in the 21st century, consumerism, changing values, overwhelming stress on money and how every thing depends on money.

What is the film based on?

The film is based on the backdrop of corruption in Delhi amongst the middle class. It’s about the unabashed shameless and the extent some people go to create money. In that backdrop we also see how it effects the value of relationships. The film starts by showing a married couple and how their life unravels.

How was it working with debutant director Munish Bhardwaj?  

Director Munish Bhardwaj is an FTII graduate. He’s written a fresh  story. We have been friends and have done a play together. He’s also worked with Rajat Kapoor earlier.

Are you satisfied with the kind of work you are doing now?

I have been here for 20 years. I would be lying if I say I am satisfied. I am very difficult to satisfy.  I might be getting big films but  I am happy with the smaller films.

Tell us about your next film Death In The Gunj directed by Konkana Sen Sharma?

Konkana has a great eye for good work. I  always thought she would make a wonderful director. Very calm, caring and gentle, she is a great example on the set. She would work long hours. Not once did she frown. She was the captain of the ship.

How do you manage with son Harun when you are both busy?

We had taken Harun on the sets and he is so small,  that way it was easy for both of us.

Apart from movies what do you do in your spare time?

Being a single father is a full time job. When I am not working during my time goes with Harun. I am doing a lot of other things as well like a Television series and a play.

How do you rate yourself as a father?

I am a doting father now but I am sure when he grows up  I will be cool father.

What traits has Harun taken from both of you?

Most of them. But I also I see lot of Koko and her father and my father in him. He is lucky he doesn’t have hair like me. He is very affectionate just like me.

What kind of childhood did you have, did you always want to be an actor?

As a child I was never inclined to acting but as I grew up I wanted to be a filmmaker. I was working behind the camera. My father was a producer but he never encouraged me but I was compelled to join as my father was not doing well.  If I can help it I don’t want Harun to join films. I felt angry about what my father was going though. Our house was mortgaged and sold off and he was in debts. More than that it was genuine love for this profession. I want Harun to choose what he loves doing.

Do you ever plan to take up direction or writing scripts in the future?

I have no inclination towards direction as of yet. I am not there as of yet but I will be there some day. Till I find good material I will never take up direction. I won’t be doing it for the sake of doing. I have written songs and non- fiction but never attempted a script. I have not pushed myself beyond that.

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