Five women oriented Bollywood movies which were superhits

It’s not true that only formula films work at the box office. There are many women-oriented and off beat films which have worked wonders at the box office. The content of these films are nowhere near any typical masala film and yet they managed to move the audience’s hearts. 

5. Pink (2016) : The film was not only superbly enacted, the storyline of the film moved the audience so much that it is being considered one of the biggest superhits considering the return on investment.

4. Queen (2014) : This film is also a woman-centric film that worked wonders at the box office. The content of the film was so strong that it made everybody sit up and watch. 

3. Tanu weds Manu (2011) : Again a Kangana Ranaut movie, it sees the world from the viewpoint of a woman and the forced arranged marriages. 

2. The Dirty Picture (2011) : The film was inspired from the real life of Silk Smita and superbly portrayed by Vidya Balan.

1. English Vinglish (2012) : Revolving around the struggles of a housewife in a foreign country, it made the country fall in love with Sridevi again.


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