Negativity is a waste of emotions: Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt  is the youngest star of Bollywood today who is being chased by top brands and directors alike. Her choice of films have been unique  and she is proving to be different, just like her dad Mahesh Bhatt.  However  like every growing up girl she is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan and in awe of Shah Rukh Khan with whom she will be seen sharing screen space. In this interview, she reveals what it was like working with him.

How different was it working for Dear Zindagi?

For me it was fresh experience because the film is different. You can’t compare it to any genre or any film. The story is way different from what I have done before.

How did you relate to the characters you play in the film?

I think everyone will relate to it. The situations are like that.

How do you remain positive?

To be positive all the time is very difficult but you don’t have to be negative either. Negativity is a waste of emotion and of time.

Do you think youngsters these days take heartbreak to heart?

You can’t generalise. When you are in relationship you have to think before you take a step.

How was it working with Shah Rukh Khan were you in awe of him?

Shah Rukh doesnt carry the  baggage of being a star on the sets. He will go out of the way to make you comfortable.  He is very cool. He is passionate about his work and movies.  He loves to do movies and some good and different work.

Is there any romance between you and SRK?

In this film there is no scope for romance but no relationship exists without love. But if there is such a love story where I could work with Shah Rukh I would certainly love to do it.

Do you share your secrets with friends?

I am secretive and don’t share. I have a lot of friends and I share certain things with certain friends.

Was there anything annoying about him?

The only fact that he would not have food on time annoyed me. We used to be shooting and Gauri Shinde would instruct everyone to be quiet on the sets.  Suddenly we would hear a rumbling sound and we would realise that it was coming from Shah Rukh’s stomach as he was hungry.  We would force him to eat.  He only has a lot of black coffee and avoids eating. Even I drink coffee but I eat on time.

How was  it working with a  female director for the first time?

A director is a director. She is very frank  and clear about what she wants.  

Was it a lot of pressure working with Shah Rukh?

Pressure was there initially. When I heard the story, I  was overwhelmed. I have always admired SRK as a child.

Did you remember meeting  SRK as a child?

I remember meeting him as a child. We had gone to Shah Rukh’s house because Papa’s friends had come. He had done Chahat and Duplicate with papa. I remember the first meeting. I had worn a ugly top, I had sandwich in my mouth and I was staring at him in awe. When I was shooting for this film Papa sent me  that same picture and I showed Shah Rukh that picture. We were in splits.

What message  would you like to give to the youngsters like yourself.

I would like to tell all youngsters be passionate about whatever you do.

Are you hoping awards for Udta Punjab this year?

I don’t know. Sonam has done a great job in Neerja. She should win all awards.

Heard you  have been offered Aashiqui 3?

Yes. The film is still being scripted. I will take a call after hearing the script.

How different are you from your sister Pooja Bhatt?

Pooja Bhatt has a great artistic approach and is a great producer and director which I will never become in life.

Any of the two things you would like to change in your behaviour ?

Yes. I become hyper and I get angry easily as a result I say stuff and then regret them.

Do you ever lie?

I can’t lie. I get caught easily. I lie to mom sometimes.

Tell us about your next film Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya?

It’s a very desi and heartland romance which has the flavour of Desi ghee. Varun is doing great in the comedy space and is growing. We are proud of each other.

What is your definition of a gutsy woman?

One who is clear, focused and has the guts to say what  she wants and stand by it. For me Pooja Bhatt  is such a woman.

Would you like to turn cinematographer?

I got to be behind the camera but if I do get time off I would love to learn photography. I can never take up cinematography because it’s a tough job.  You  need to handle the camera on your shoulders which I will not be able to.

How do you want your life partner to be?

My life partner should be good, funny, responsible, sweet and should love me a lot.

When do you cry?

When I don’t get food I cry.  When something goes wrong I cry. I just cry a lot.

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