Five great films on terror plots that you perhaps haven’t seen till date

There are some great films that were made with terrorism as the main plot in Bollywood and they were critically acclaimed. They might not be blockbusters but they should be on the must watch list. If you haven’t seen them till now, then it’s time you order the film right now.

Aamir : It’s a dark tale and it shows how terror mechanisms work in India.

Black Friday : This is perhaps one of the best Anurag Kashyap movies till date. A take on terrorism in India.

Mumbai Meri Jaan : Another take on terrorism that will leave you speechless. Based on true events, this one will leave you with something to think about.  

A Wednesday : A great movie that also revolves on the plot of terrorism and how the common man takes it into his own hands to fight it.

Shahid : It’s a different take on terrorism and is based on a real-life story of a lawyer in Mumbai.

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