Bollywood celebs who look like each other

Well you must have not noticed it but there are celebrities in Bollywood who definitely look like each other. Check out the list and we are sure that you will be surprised.

Zarine Khan – Katrina Kaif : Have you noticed the similarities? Well their faces have a lot of common features. Just check them out. 

Reena Roy – Sonakshi Sinha : They definitely look a lot like each other don’t they?

Harman Baweja – Hrithik Roshan : Well, we will admit that they actually look like brothers. Koi shaq?

Sonu Sood – Amitabh Bachchan : We first noticed the similarities during the famous sword fight scene of Jodha-Akbar. Now, even Sonu admits that he looks like Bachchan senior.

Sneha Ullal – Aishwarya Rai : Of course, their similarities are most striking. Aren’t they? 

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